Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should a beginner see a personal trainer?

As a beginner, its best to see a trainer two to three times a week for two months to start. When you are new to exercise or lifting weights, it’s critical to establish good form, avoid injury, and establish a consistent routine. Most people who start exercise programs quit within the first six weeks. Having the accountability of a trainer drastically increases your chances of getting off to a good start when starting a new exercise program.

Is personal trainer better than gym?

There are many reasons a personal trainer is better than a gym. A good trainer helps you perform exercises with proper form, holds you accountable, and makes exercise interesting. We will educate you, create a plan to follow, and make your time in the gym as effective as possible.

How long should you stay with a personal trainer?

As long as it takes to reach your goals. This can be anywhere from two months to more than a year. There is a very high chance you will reach your fitness goals faster by working with a personal trainer than on your own. Once you’ve reached your goals, you and your trainer can assess whether or not you need the accountability, form correction, and motivation to continue.

Will I lose weight with a personal trainer? Do personal trainers help with diet?

Yes. I can’t do the actual working out for you (although it does sound fun as a fitness nerd who actually likes working out), but if you can show up consistently and work hard, you will lose weight.

Yes, personal trainers help with diet. I will give you recommendations on what to eat to reach your specific goals.

Is a personal trainer once a week enough?

It depends. If you are already experienced with working out, seeing a trainer once a week can be an effective way to check in on form, make sure you’re sticking with a program, or get that extra edge of intensity and motivation. If you’re new to the gym or working out, seeing a personal trainer once a week is still beneficial, but your chances of succeeding go up drastically by coming in two or three times a week.

How long does it take to see results from a personal trainer?

Typically, the more frequently you work with a trainer, the faster you will see results, regardless of your specific goal. For weight loss, you will usually see results within the first month of working with a trainer. For feeling stronger and having more energy, you will usually start to notice these things after just a couple weeks.

Is a personal trainer right for you?

A personal trainer is right for you if you’ve tried and tried to reach your goals on your own, and still haven’t succeeded. If you feel like you just can’t get motivated to get into the gym, keep getting injured, and/or feel confused and overwhelmed about what direction to take, then a personal trainer is right for you.


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