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Want to take the first step toward your health and fitness goals, but don’t know where to start? Or looking for a fitness training plan that keeps you accountable and on track? You’re in the right place. After listening to your goals and understanding your challenges, I design a customized fitness program and provide one-on-one coaching to ensure your success. My purpose is to get you results.

Once a week program

Ideal for athletes and professionals


A Week

For those who are short on time, or for those who are confident in their ability to work out on their own, but need that extra dose of accountability and expertise. I will ensure proper form and make sure you’re pushing yourself hard enough.

Once a week is perfect if you enjoy working out on your own but feel like you just never seem to make progress. Once a week is also perfect if you are a runner or endurance athlete who wants to safely incorporate resistance training into your program without overdoing it.

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Kathy says
“I look forward to my weekly trainings! Working with Tucker has been the best investment that I have made in my personal health & fitness journey. His trainings are always varied, challenging and fun.”

Two times a week

Ideal for both beginners and athletes


A Week

The perfect balance of accountability and flexibility. You’re committing to getting in great shape no matter what your crazy schedule throws at you. We will consistently get two fun and effective workouts in every week to keep you feeling confident and strong.

Twice a week is also perfect if you’re an athlete looking to increase sport-specific performance with custom-tailored exercises and programming.

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Tatum says
“Tucker has been my trainer for about 3 months. In that time, I have seen a huge shift in my body and mind. I have bad back pain and had problems with my knee, and he has helped work through those perfectly and I now work out with no pain.”

Three times a week

Ideal for getting the quickest results


Times A Week

Three times a week is for seriously committed people who want to take all of the thinking and planning out of getting in great shape. Your only job is to show up and work hard, I take care of the rest.

I will be here to guide you through three stimulating, effective, pre-programmed workouts per week, ensuring your results. You’ll get in fantastic shape in the shortest amount of time possible.

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Sophie says
“Tucker has taught me so many amazing workout routines and strength training techniques that have helped me and continue to help me achieve my dream body.”


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